If you got a heap of scrap metal, you can sell them for recycling at a good price. North Shore Scrap Metals offers bin drop-off and pick-up service at your convenient time.

Our purpose is to make scrap metal recycling an easy process for customers. Check the FAQs below to get answers to most of your pressing questions.

Do I have to fix an appointment while bringing my scrap to your yards?

We do recommend that you call us before you come so we can be ready to serve you.

Can I drive to your place bringing the scrap metals myself?

Sure, you can. If the amount of scrap metals you have are not too big, you can bring them in your car or truck to our yard anytime during business hours. Then simply unload the scrap metals and get payment right away. It will be even better if you can give us a call before coming so that we prepare to complete the process faster.

How much can I get by selling scrap metals?

Prices of scrap metals change frequently. It depends on the type of metal and other factors, including, current market price, demand, timing, and location.

Contact us, and we will make sure you get the best possible price based on the mentioned factors.

Will you provide bin service at my residence?

Yes, we provide doorstep bin service in selected service areas in Sydney, NSW. Please call us so that one of our representatives can confirm if we service in your area. We drop off a bin and collect it later from customers’ location.

What is the use of these scrap metals?

Scrap metals, including copper, aluminum, iron, steel, and brass can be recycled several times to create new products, such as cars, bridges, aircraft, containers, furniture, and fittings.

What types of scrap metals your company accepts?

We accept nearly all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. From junk car metals/spare parts, industrial equipment, engineering-grade carbon steels, household appliances, lighter gauge, we accept all.

If you need more details about whether we accept a specific type of metal, please contact us and we will give you all the details.

I’m not sure what items you accept?

We accept all kinds of metal items such as used aluminium cans, cable and wire copper scrap, aluminium rims, steel fence, old plumbing pipes, taps and much more. If you’re still not sure if we’ll buy your item, just give us a call to find out!

What if I want to get rid of metal scrap that my business has produced?

We’ll be happy to collect them! We work with hundreds of businesses, collecting and recycling their manufactured scrap and other metal waste. We can organise to have your metal scrap collected on a regular basis to make the process smooth and convenient for you.

Do I have to pay for the bins?

It depends. If you have a lot of scrap then our bin service will be provided at no cost to you. For all others, there might be a fee involved for our bin provision, drop-off and pickup service. To find out if you qualify for our Free Bin Service, please give us a call on 0408 088 307

How much is scrap metal worth?

The value of your scrap metal will depend on factors such as the type of the metal, the quality and quantity of the metal, as well as the current market price for scrap metals. We will take all these factors into consideration when offering you a quote for your scrap.