Whether you are handling factory offcuts, dealing with enterprise recycling systems, or tidying up your home and garage, a scrap metal removal company can get your metals and recycle them accordingly.  Aluminium, tin, stainless steel, nickel, copper, iron, whatever metal you have, you can make use of our Free Scrap Metal Removals service to get rid of them.

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Here is what you should expect from the scrap metal dealers when you use the scrap metal removal service:

Check the scrap metals

Determine the types of metals you need to remove and their estimated weight. Ask the Scrap Metal Removal company the minimum and maximum amount of ferrous and non-ferrous metals included in their free scrap pickup.

Also, decide if you have the ability and time to separate your scrap metals for removal or leave the task to the metal scrap dealers. Know that specialists such as North Shore Scrap Metals have the knowledge and equipment to provide the right metal removal services.

Contact the metal recyclers

When you have all the scrap you need to dispose of at the moment, reach out to us and ask us for a quote. It includes discussing with them ways of Removing Your Scrap Metals. The options may include:

  • Scrap removal. Our team will go to your location and take out your scrap metal.
  • Demolition and removal. Our team will do the demolition job at your site, sort the metals, and remove them from your location.
  • Free scrap removal. We will go to your site to deliver bins or containers. It may be an ongoing or one-time project. Our removal company will pick them up afterwards.

If you choose the container drop-off service, there are various containers available to fit your needs. If you have hazardous metals or valuable ones, opt for containers that are lockable or can be kept indoors.

For projects that involve clearing or demolishing services, the removal team will bring the appropriate equipment for the job. We will sort your scrap metals and give you the best price. It is essential to group metals together because we need to meet quality standards. It prevents cross-contamination with other materials.

With our Free Scrap Metal Removals, we will take out your scrap metals from the demolition and clearing site to their scrap yard for recycling. The only things left for you to remove from your site are the non-metal materials.

Earn cash for your scrap metal

The best part of the entire process is earning Cash for Scrap Metals. While you have the opportunity to free up some space in your home or work site from using scrap removal service, you are getting paid for it.

The scrap metal dealers will take stock of your metal collection in their scrap yard. They will pay you for your collection if it is a free scrap metal pickup. But, if the project involves demolition or other services, we will deduct these from your bill.

Sorting, arranging, lifting, and carrying metals can be laborious and time-consuming. Do not tire and hurt yourself by hauling everything on your own to the scrap yard. Scrap metal removals offer the best metal collection services at any time at your convenience.

The removals team will clear out all those unwanted metals in your garage, workshop, job site, etc. Instead of leaving them an eyesore that takes up lots of space in the area, you can make money out of them as you declutter your property.

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